GXGPRS GXGPRS: an easy way to build multithreaded, GPRS communication applications. GPRS media component, made by Gurux Ltd, is a part of GXMedias set of media components, which programming interfaces help you implement communication by chosen connection type. GXGPRS offers you an easy way to build multithreaded, GPRS communication applications. GXGPRS component is made on the Windows API interface, is very efficient, light and fast. It doesn`t require any external libraries or DLL files to operate. GXGPRS is easy to use with different

GPRS Script Generator 1.9.7: A software utility to help Macintosh users create custom GPRS modem scripts.
GPRS Script Generator 1.9.7

GSG is a software utility to help Macintosh users create custom modem scripts to connect using a GPRS compatible mobile phone. GSG contain presets for many mobile network operators around the world and can build customized Modem Scripts in few clicks. Plus, GSG has an Expert setup to permit experienced users to create extremely fine-tuned scripts for maximum performance. All GPRS parameters are available.

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Zafari Mobile

GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, HSDPA, UMTS, Dial. ZM supports the following modem devices, Sony Ericsson GC75, GC79, GC83, GC85, GC89, Option Wireless Globetrotter GPRS and GPRS/WLAN Combo, Option Fusion, LightSpeed GPRS and GPRS/WLAN Combo, Novatel U520/U530 UMTS, Sierra Wireless 710/750/775 Aircard, Centrino 2100, 2200 and 2915 PCI Chipset, and all Wi-Fi Alliance certified PC cards. Version includes Support for Microsoft VPN and Zafari M-Zone Portal

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WirelessTone(GPRS Surfing Card Software)  gprs Wireless Surfing Card SMS/MMS  Software
WirelessTone(GPRS Surfing Card Software)

GPRS Surfing Card Software)can provide multiple functions for your wireless surfing card without. Wireless Tone(wireless surfing card software) can provide multiple functions for your wireless surfing card without being restricted to network dialing platform. As extraordinary wireless surfing card software, Wireless Tone supports all the GPRS wireless surfing card; Wireless Tone does not occupy any of your memory or CPU; it can fulfill such tasks

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mmsmk mms software MMSMK supports the business of marketing and MMS lovers
mmsmk mms software

MMSMK MMS software can connect GPRS mobile phone to a computer to help us get rid of the restrictions on thumbs to create MMS with a computer at any place to send holiday blessings to or share some humorous ideas with your friends by a unique way of communication.The individualized production of holiday MMS enables people to edit short messages quickly in a computer. Its strong contact management function is applicable for every GPRS mobile phone

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Pocket PhoneTools 5.0: Pocket PhoneTools 5 Pro - Pocket PC communications software with 3G and GRPS
Pocket PhoneTools 5.0

Pocket PhoneTools 5 communications software for your Pocket PC includes 3G and GPRS Internet connectivity, SMS, fax, and cell phone synchronization. Connect your PDA to your cell phone via Bluetooth®, infrared or cable. Pocket PhoneTools automatically configures your Internet connection, and an integrated database of 320 major cell phone operators in 87 countries makes it easy for you to get on line anywhere via 3G, GPRS or CDMA.

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ActiveXperts SMS and MMS component 5.3: SMS and MMS ActiveX/COM component. Send, receive via GSM/GPRS,SMPP,XML/SOAP
ActiveXperts SMS and MMS component 5.3

Send and receive SMS messages via a GSM/GPRS modem, HTTP-POST provider, SMPP provider or TAP/UCP provider. Send and receive MMS messages via MM1 (GPRS), MM4 (SMTP) or MM7 (XML/SOAP). Use it in your Microsoft Visual Studio ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, CShare C# .NET, VB, C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, HTML and more. Runs on any Windows x86/x64 platform, including Windows 2008, 2003, 2000, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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